Want to invest in real-estate but don't want the hassle of owning it? Let us find a solution for you!

Attractive returns, 6% - 20% or more secured to real-estate.

I want to lend...

If you have money to lend and are seeking significant, but secured, returns on your investment let us help you write a mortgage. Annualized returns can range from 8% to over 20%

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Pool your money...

Don't want to write a mortgage alone or don't have enough funds to do so on your own? We can help! As needed we will start capitol pools. Each pool will be used to fund a single project. Rate of return will not be finalised until the project completion. Our target rate will be 6%-12% annualised. (Basically crowd funding)

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Need to fund a project...

Pitch your project to us. If it meets our stringent requirements we will connect your project to one of our lenders or a capitol pool.

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Well, it was time for a change in site design! We have been using the same tired site for years and it no longer reflected the actual business model that we are working on. Our new site is designed to be more interactive and user friendly. We are drawing focus to our 3 areas of

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